Western Wats denies Romney connection … through Romney campaign?

Justin Hart, blogger at MyManMitt and Race42008, is the only person who seems to be in contact with people inside Western Wats. He has defended Western Wats’ denials that this whole thing is associated with the Mitt Romney campaign here, here, and here.

Of course, Justin isn’t just a blogger. He isn’t just a pro-Romney blogger. He is volunteer leadership in the Romney campaign:

The Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Vice-Chairs:  

– Justin Hart, Vice President of Communications, Lighted Candle Society

So let’s get this straight. Western Wats denies a connection to the Romney campaign by issuing statements and denials through officials of the Romney campaign?

Come on.

UPDATE: Justin has backtracked. Now he says:

I had previously asked my source about the notion that Romney is behind the poll.  He said it was “nonsense”.  I should clarify that this is his opinion.  From my conversations I gather that he does not know exactly who is behind the survey but thinks that a Romney motive is “ridiculous”.  Again, he is understandably tight lipped on all this.  I don’t know how much he does know.

So now they only think. Of course this same guy who has seen the survey and says that it isn’t that bad doesn’t know on whose behalf the questions were asked.