An Iraq veteran family asks about "the rush to war in Iran." Of course, Drudge links to a story on Iran:

The way to do that is to not ratchet up the winds to war here. A lot of people voted for that … a serious, serious mistake. It convinced the rest of the Muslim war that this is a war against Islam, not a war against Iran.


I oppose a rush to war. Started speaking about it back in February.


We should not take steps towards increasing troop presence in Iraq.


End military contractors. Reform our military.


This administration has done more than abuse the Patriot Act. … We are going to take the steps to restore the profiling. Stop the illegal spying in America. … Closing Gitmo. No more secret prisons. No more renditions. … No torture will be tolerated in the United States.


I’m the only one who has addressed immigration directly. … I am the first governor to declare a border emergency because the federal government wasn’t doing its job stopping drugs and illegal immigrants.

Social Security.


I am for getting back to fiscal responsibility. We have long-term challenges with social security. Now we have a crisis in Medicare. … I want to move back towards fiscal responsibility. … We have to have a bipartisan commission.  … If you lift the cap completely, it is a $1t tax increase.


Only 6% of Americans make above the cap. … This is the kind of thing that I would expect from Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani. … This is the top 6%, not the middle class.

What qualities must the appointees to SCOTUS have. Dodd:

A balanced sense of justice. Not just there as academics. Have a clear record. … Demonstrated that ability to be fair. I don’t necessarily believe in applying litmus tests. … I would not want justices to be appointed who would overturn Roe v Wade.

All would implement a pro-choice litmus, which various emphases.

Then I got bored with the questions.