I have two questions about the possibility of a December NH primary:

  1. Can candidates collect matching funds for that? What are the mechanics of that? When do they actually get the money? It is clear that John McCain has more than enough money to compete if he takes matching funds. But when would they actually arrive?
  2. Mitt Romney’s fear was succeeding in Iowa and foundering in New Hampshire, stalling or reversing his momentum. But, that fear is gone under this schedule. But it arises for a bunch of other people. Who? How bad? Isn’t Romney the big winner here?

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azamatterofact · October 19, 2007 at 5:00 PM

I believe the answer to your question regarding the timing of the funds is this. McCain, or any other candidate wouldn’t actually wait for the actual funds from the government but rather use the qualification for matching funds as collateral for a loan. The campaign would get the funds immediately and pay off the loan(s) when the actual funding came through.

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