Richardson’s employees giving to their boss

You don’t often get to write this sentence, so I had to do it:

State of New Mexico $277,230
University of New Mexico $31,950
Total from NM State Employees $309,180

Bill Richardson would be violating congressional ethics if he were still in Congress.

What am I talking about? Bill Richardson received over $300,000 from his employees. Open Secrets has the details. Congressional ethics (at least House ethics) prohibit staff from giving money to (1) their boss (because of the possibility of a raise for a donation) or (2) other members (because it would look like a back channel version of the same)

Shouldn’t it be an issue that his largest block of donors get paid by him?

Make presidential candidates live by the same ethics rules as Members of Congress.

Normally that would sound farcical, but it might be a good idea here.