Ron Paul’s supporters aren’t Republicans

A standard question is "who is actually supporting Ron Paul?" There has been an assumption that the answer is "not Republicans", but there isn’t always evidence. Then I was reminded of this when a comment was left on a video of Mike Huckabee putting the smack-down on Ron Paul. The recent comment said:

If you support Ron Paul, understand that you MUST REGISTER TO VOTE REPUBLICAN. The cut off in most states is the middle of this month. That is only a couple of days away. It is CRITICAL that if you want Ron Paul to be our next President, you MUST vote for him in the Primaries, and therefore MUST register to vote Republican. To do so and to get this man into the Presidential Election, simply go to gopdotcom and take a few seconds to Register To Vote Republican TODAY. Thank You!

Then, of course, there is the 2nd banner on Ron Paul’s site. (banner URL here)

Yup. The Ron Paul team is campaigning to non-Republicans to change registration… Awesome.