Evangelical leaders moving towards Romney? Not so much

This morning, I got an email from a family group leader. He was incredulous. He said:

Our "leaders" testify to the sincere conversion of a guy who today believes the Boy Scouts are wrong to prohibit homosexual Scoutmasters…

That was in response to Ralph Z Hallow’s article about Romney in today’s Washington Times:

Two social conservatives leaders — in surprise moves yesterday — criticized fellow evangelical and Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, while praising another party hopeful, Mitt Romney, a Mormon.

Still, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and American Values President Gary Bauer hope the former Massachusetts governor will passionately express his pro-life views at the Values Voter Summit Oct. 19 and 20 at the Washington Hilton.

Except, it is not so clear. I asked the FRC and was told:

"We are not moving away from Huckabee or toward Romney … 

We just want to reiterate that Giuliani is a disaster … He will destroy the coalition among conservatives. Asking us to accept him as the nominees, is like asking fiscal conservatives to accept a candidate who wants to return to the tax rates of the pre-Reagan era."