Fred Thompson speaks to AFP

The first thing I notice. He is the first candidate to come up with his wife. She walks away. And AFP messes up the music. But the crowd is attentive. I think that the people here want to believe in him and support him.

He just mislead the audience. He talked about his first time here as when he was in the Senate. Of course, he was a lobbyist here. And a staffer. That’s silly.

I am just hearing platitutdes.

That said, I like the stuff about corporate tax rates. That’s really important stuff.  But why 28%? What’s the principle?

Now he talks about mandatory spending. This is important. He is willing to talk about the real issues on this stuff. This is completely necessary for our country.

And the need to simplify the tax code. All true, but what’s the structure here? Why isn’t the corporate tax stuff combined with this?

Again, the crowd responded. I am in a side room watching on video. And people clapped at the end. For a guy down the hall. Interesting.