Forbes rates the candidates

Forbes has rated the GOP candidates in order of conservativeness:

  1. Fred Thompson, 40.6/50
  2. John McCain, 40.5/50
  3. Sam Brownback, 37.9/50
  4. Mitt Romney, 36.7/50
  5. Rudy Giuliani, 36.2/50
  6. Duncan Hunter, 34.3/50
  7. Ron Paul, 31.2/50
  8. Tom Tancredo, 31.1/50
  9. Mike Huckabee, 26/50

No idea what their methodology was. But some people are going to be unhappy about the results. The article also includes members of the Forbes 400 who are donors to each of these.

Of course, the Wall Street Journal might argue that Forbes isn’t a good arbiter of conservatism…