In what can only be described as a hit-job, the NYT ran a story about Rudy Giuliani in the presidential race… on 9-11? Part of the story was a poll.

This poll puts Rudy at 27% with Fred Thompson at 22%, John "Not Dead Yet" McCain at 18%, and Mitt Romney at 14%. So a clear majority.

But it also reports that only about 19% of Republicans know of any major issue that they disagree with the Mayor on. And 8% of that is abortion. 80% do not know of anything that they disagree with him on.

And 49% do not know that he is pro-choice.

Now, that’s not good news. Rudy’s margins in the polls have fallen sharply, and people still don’t know his positions on things like abortion.  Assuming that someone educates those voters at some point, his numbers will fall. And someone will pick those up. The question is who? And if Thompson is in second, I suspect that he picks them up.

UPDATE: Deal Hudson sees another problem.