More Romney dirty politics

Earlier today, Jonathan Martin pointed out the new website:

Clearly, though, this is no amateur effort.   The volume of information and the way that it’s sourced reeks of a grasstops hit-job.   Repeatingly calling Thompson "Phoney Fred" in the on-message style of political operatives, the site offers up unflattering quotes with the standard attribution style of oppo everywhere.

Turns out it wasn’t amateur at all. According to WaPo, it was put together by Mitt Romney’s paid consultants:

Nowhere on the site does it indicate who is responsible for it. But a series of inquiries leads directly to the website of Under the Power Lines, the political consulting firm of Warren Tompkins, Romney’s lead consultant in South Carolina.

This is another in a long list of thuggery and illegality of Romney associates and campaign staff. Including Romney’s former Director of Operations Jay Garrity, Romney’s former national finance co-chair,  Romney’s other indicted former national finance co-chair, etc. And then the Romney campaign threatens voters if they do things like ask questions (note that in South Carolina, the Romney campaign doesn’t even allow that):

On Sept. 3, I attended a house party for Mitt Romney … a gentleman approached me and said if I started any trouble I would be thrown out of the event. … He reiterated I would be tossed out because my "kind" weren’t welcome at such an event. … All the while, he used his 6-foot frame to intimidate my 5-foot-4-inch body. He then introduced the grandson of the homeowner, the man running his New Hampshire campaign, the very same man who attempted to bully me into silence.

Thugs and illegality. If a guy surrounds himself with these kinds of people on the campaign, who is he going to surround himself with if he becomes President?