When I was at the New Hampshire GOP debate, I ran into a Republican who is a die-hard volunteer for the ONE campaign. Michael is a former Marine and told me a great story about sharing the ONE campaign’s vision with other Marines at a Rudy Giuliani event a couple of days prior. He focuses on national security, madrasas, etc.

UPDATE: I was rushing to get my content out, so I didn’t finish this. I also talked to a number of other volunteers and got some encouraging information about the ONE campaign in New Hampshire. First, they had told me previously that they really were reaching out to churches. It appears that, to some extent, this is true. They have gotten some significant support through the groups associated with the Micah Challenge. And a number of the local volunteers viewed themselves in the Rick Warren/Saddleback sphere. Second, there appears to be significant Republican support, although, interestingly, this seems unrelated to the church groups. Perhaps the veterans and moderate/business parts of the coalition in New Hampshire have been activated, while the conservative churches have not been as active. It does seem that the conservative churches, which are weaker in New Hampshire, just have not engaged. It will be interesting to see what happens here. All in all, they appear to have bodies and a significant degree of activation. And this week, I talked to a DC-based GOP consultant who tells me that the part of the campaign that he is responsible for is quite enormous.  We shall see where this goes.

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