Huckabee’s secret sauce? The FairTax

Here are some facts and a hypothesis:

  • FairTax had 20-30 buses. (how can a 501(c)(4) give to a state party??)
  • Mike Huckabee had no buses.
  • The FairTax had enormous presence and good location.
  • Mike Huckabee had a bad location and little on-site staff.
  • But, Huckabee was the only candidate to endorse the FairTax.

Here’s the hypothesis: Mike Huckabee’s coalition included the FairTax, and they turned out bodies for him.

Here’s some corroborating evidence. A reader in Iowa contacted me with a story. She called up the Huckabee campaign, said she wanted to vote for Huckabee but couldn’t drive to Ames. She asked how to get there. The answer?

Governor Huckabee does not have buses.

So how do I get there? I can bring my husband too.

"Well, the FairTax bus pick up is" such and such. "That’s how I’m getting there."

What great irony. The farthest left candidate on taxes "wins" the straw poll because of his taxes coalition group. You have to admire it.

UPDATE: Iowa Independent has more facts and beat me to the punch.