Redstate’s Erick Erickson noted yesterday that the electoral college reform in North Carolina stopped because because Howard Dean realized it would give them no feet to stand on in California:

The measure raced through the North Carolina State Senate, the State House was preparing to pass it and the Governor was prepared to sign it, until Howard Dean intervened.

All is good, right? Nope. Reread that carefully and note below:

There is a similar measure out in California, which would guarantee the GOP candidate about 20 votes. The Dems cannot honestly oppose that effort if they support the one in North Carolina. So they aborted the North Carolina measure.

So, all stop on the Electoral College reforms. The Dems don’t want a Republican candidate to get any votes out of California.

The Dems could restart this in what? 24 hours? What if they do that in September of 2008? Therefore, the California initiative has to continue to keep the Dems honest. (unlikely I know…)

Perhaps it should be on the November 2008 ballot just to keep things clear. (although that reduces chances for passing. Perhaps both June and November ballots…)

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[…] This should make it clear just how close this is to passing. Therefore we should continue to push in California and push the grassroots in North Carolina to push back on this. Let’s make it clear that a vote for this bill is a vote for Hillary Clinton. […]

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