McCain blogger conference call

I missed the opening comments.

Rob Bluey asks about last night’s Democratic debate. Barack Obama said he would meet with leaders of bad countries. McCain called that perspective "naive". When we sit down with the Iranians, what’s the first topic? Israel? Nuclear weapons? Or IEDs that they export to Iraq?

Jennifer Rubin asked about the other GOP candidates "softening" on Iraq. He mentioned Romney’s "secret plan" for withdrawal.
Phil Klein asked Newt’s statement that McCain is on the verge of dropping out. McCain responds with "perhaps he has some clairvoyance that I am not aware of." "We are going to be fine. I am going to win this nomination." Phil asks a follow up about matching funds, and McCain responds that the question about taking matching funds has everything to do with winning strategy.

Ed Morrissey asks about AMT. McCain explains why the AMT is important. Would do it very quickly.

Skip Murphy asks about corporate taxes. McCain said he would not support the current Democratic proposals. McCain points out that a corporate tax increase would result in companies leaving the US. He would like there to be a BRAC-like commission to reduce

Jim Geraghty mentioned Barack Obama’s position on Iraq. Obama said that genocide would occur after we leave Iraq. McCain says that the Democratic position makes no sense. "It is curious logic to say that we must stop genocide in one part of the world, but it is ok in another part of the world." "It seems to me not a very sophisticated approach."

Betsy Newman asked about Kelo and property. McCain said that he would give a speech on Kelo and property rights.

Christopher Potter Stewart asks about energy policy. McCain responds that "climate change is a huge issue." "I think that we are coming around … the Republican Party is coming around on this issue." "Doesn’t get a lot of coverage. The nature of media is that it is all about Iraq…"

Pat Hynes says two more calls. Senator McCain corrects him to 5.

Ryan Sager asks about the early state strategy. McCain responds that Michigan and other states may matter quite a bit.  "The person who wins 2 out of 3 of the early states is inevitably the nominee."

Ed Morrissey asks about a Fair Tax. McCain responds about the system in general. "Fair or flat or whatever. It’s an abomination." McCain mentions the 22% Estonian Flat Tax. 99% income tax compliance.

Paul someone asks about wasted productivity and Sarbanes-Oxley and Senator DeMints proposal. McCain says that it is a good proposal. He also says that the problem is "a little harder than DeMint’s proposal." "Clearly Sarbox has had tremendous negative impact on Small and Medium sized enterprises."