Calendar still in flux: OH and MI

Just when you thought that the calendar was going to be stable, Ohio and Michigan start to screw it up.

In Ohio, legislation has been introduced by a Democratic State Senator to move the date to Jan. 29th, the same day as Florida. Stealing Florida’s special location would probably have a significant impact on the race. This is another state that Rudy Giuliani is ahead in.

In Michigan, according to sources on the ground, there are several ideas in play. At this point, the parties can pick their own date, so the GOP can change the date by a vote of a convention, executive committee, or central committee meeting. There are two options. First, the GOP can pick the 29th also. Alternatively, they could try something like the 25th. If they do the primary on a different day than the Democrats, one wonders what impact that would have on the electorate. If the GOP votes first, then the rules (effectively open primary) could have a significant impact on the results.

It is certainly looking like the big states are taking over.