I have been interested in the whole "electability" question and general election matchups. I am fascinated by the numbers from the new Cook/RT poll.

  Clinton Obama 
  All GOP Ind All GOP Ind
Giuliani 0 +74 +4 0 +67 +7
Thompson 0 +78 +1 -7 +45 -13
Romney -7 +71 -8 -13 +46 -16

Several thoughts:

  1. Why does Giuliani do so much better among GOP voters against Obama? What the hell is going on here? Not to mention independents. Is this just name ID? What about Obama’s name ID?
  2. It is likely that Romney’s numbers will move up among independents because he will talk about health care and the like. After all, he has made clear that he intends to run on that and a soft-sell on Iraq.
  3. But, what is going on that Thompson’s margins among GOP voters are so much higher than Romney’s against Clinton?