Romney campaign official calls Brownback “bottom feeder”

UPDATE: GOPProgress and Jim Geraghty have now written on this.

Earlier in the week, Mitt Romney released his National Faith and Values Steering Committee. In doing so, he entered a brave new world. Four of the people on the list are bloggers:

– David French, Senior Counsel, Alliance Defense Fund, Tennessee 
– Nancy French, Author, Red State of Mind, Tennessee 
– Justin Hart, Vice President of Communications, Lighted Candle Society

– Jason Bonham, Illinois State Director, Legacy Law Foundation, Illinois 

Nancy and David French write at Evangelicals for Mitt. And Justin and Jason founded and write for My Man Mitt. Now, my question is: will the campaign be held accountable for what these bloggers say? After all, they are now deputized by the campaign itself as spokesmen on "Faith and Values."

Well, Jason Bonham really classed it up today. He called Sam Brownback a "bottom feeding candidate" and posted a picture of a bottom feeding fish. If Jason were a campaign staffer, he would be fired.

So how will the Romney campaign respond? This isn’t quote Amanda Marcotte material. But this is pretty offensive. Presumably, if the Romney campaign has any decency, Jason will be removed and disavowed form the campaign.

Of course, these bloggers have said other deeply offensive things. Let’s see how the Romney experiment goes.

In any case, if this is the kind of "Faith and Values" that the Romney campaign has, I say, "no thanks."