Romney’s new Iowa numbers

Hotline discusses the Des Moines Register’s new poll of Iowa likely caucusgoers. They say the numbers should be taken seriously, so I will. In this poll Mitt Romney gets 30% of the vote, John McCain gets 18%, and Rudy Giuliani gets 17%. I suspect that other polls will come out saying different things, but …

One of the questions that you have to ask when you see a big move in polls is what changed? Was there an event that a lot of people would have seen? Was there some sort of communications?

I was struck recently by this post at Cyclone Conservative:

Tonight, their phone rang to the voice of Governor Romney inviting them to participate in a live Tele-Townhall meeting. So I did. I must say, this was perhaps one of the coolest political ideas that I have seen come down the pipe in a long time. From one telephone, Romney can speak directly to literally thousands (and yes, there were thousands of people in on the call) of Iowans all across the state, who can stay in the comfort of their own home.

Between that and sending out 70k DVDs, Romney could have moved numbers. I suspect that it won’t be sustained, but it is clever.  As I’ve said before, the campaign is great. Too bad about the candidate.