Giuliani campaign blogger conference call

Rudy Giuliani talks about the debate. He said it was better. Challenging questions. He points out that they had time.

Jennifer Rubin, from (she gets around) starts with a question about the Senate vote on withdrawal. She notes that it was 29-67, with all the Democrats running for President voting in the affirmative. Giuliani says "they don’t get it. I don’t think that understand the nature of the terrorist threat." Again, invokes Fort Dix. (Are the polls in New Jersey moving based on Fort Dix?)

Blake Dvorak, from RCP. Why were you so high, and why has it "leveled off"? (falling?) Rudy says that he doesn’t follow polls and then quotes WSJ and Florida polls. Says competitive in every state. And that he is the only candidate who is competitive in every state.

Phil Klein from AmSpec asks about Israel. Rudy says that the problem is with the Palestinean authority. He says that America gets in to trouble when you aren’t clear about what you want and what you expect. "Right now the ball is in the court of the Palestinian Authority." Then he talks about an accountable government, and stopping terrorism. He talks about criticizing Clinton in the 90s and calls the Clinton approach "a terrible mistake."

Jim Geraghty on blowback and Ron Paul. Should he be in future debates. Rudy compares Ron Paul’s position to the press release of the Saudi Prince. Rudy says that he’s been studying Islamic extremism since the 70s, when he served in the Ford Administration.

Matt Lewis from Townhall. He asks about "torture." Matt drills down on torture. Rudy says that he thinks that he and Romney were in the same place, and they would go farther than McCain.

Bill Bradley from New West Notes. He asks about the difference between torture and enhanced interrogation techniques. He says that there aren’t bright lines. Rudy takes another dig at McCain, perhaps, by saying that this is not about reciprocity, one argument that McCain invoked last night,.

This moved very quickly. The two McCain calls that I’ve been on have been an hour, rather than 20 minutes. And people got to ask their questions. I had one, but couldn’t ask it.