Evangelical Leader: “Rudy must be stopped”

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody has an interesting summary of a discussion that he had with an evangelical leader. There is lots of happy-talk about Fred Thompson. But, perhaps, the most interesting is the comment about Rudy Giuliani:

As a matter of fact, he told me point blank, "Rudy must be stopped" and there is a conversation underway on how to do that.

Brody also discussed the issues with Mitt Romney, who was described as  "doesn’t cut it":

Now, as for Mitt Romney, this Evangelical leader who is defintely a mover and a shaker, told me that there is an uncomfortability with Romney. I’m told that certain Evangelical leaders don’t by in to the multiple conversions and that’s why Thompson would get their support instead of Romney. But that decision HAS NOT been made yet.