Krusty has a great write up of the Iowa Lincoln Day dinner. So does Kavon at Race42008.  I can’t add much to their reporting, so I will get it be.

However, I will note that Jim Gilmore continued to look like an idiot. And I’m not referring to his flop of a line about "Rudy McRomney". Instead, I am talking about his ham-fisted attack on Fred Thompson:

He jabbed Fred Thompson for only playing a prosecutor on TV.

Up… No. Fred Thompson’s first acting experience was playing himself in the 1985 movie Marie, dramatization of a dangerous prosecution of political corruption in Tennessee.

So Governor Gilmore. You were a prosecutor. Fred Thompson was too. He did something so heroic it got into the movies. You, Governor Gilmore, failed on the car tax, turned the state over to Democrats, and failed as RNC Chair.