McCain, Daschle, and 2001

The Hill says that John McCain considered leaving the GOP. Actually, it appears that it was Daschle who said it. I think that Powerline got it right:

My guess is that after the 2000 election, McCain was understandably at odds with President Bush; like most Senators, he has friends on the other side of the aisle and probably did grumble to them about the Bush administration. In early 2001, the Democrats were desperate to convince a Republican to change parties, and McCain, as the loser to Bush in the 2000 primaries, was a natural choice.
I have two meta-comments. First, I thought this story would get more legs. Not because it is a good story -- it is poorly sourced -- but because the conservative blogs are supposed to hate John McCain. How have they come down so far?  Power Line, Hot Air, Captain's Quarters, Influence Peddler, Brainster, and David Brody have all come out saying, "no story here." Some have come out more negative:  Mitt Romney's former driver at TownHall, Outside The BeltwayQandO, and Ace of Spades have been more negative. That's a pretty good day for John McCain on this story.

Perhaps most telling is that Drudge, who hates McCain, has not posted on it at all... Read some more excerpts and thoughts after the jump


By Soren Dayton, ago