Huckabee underperforms expectations…

Now I have been harsh on Mike Huckabee’s fundraising in the past (here and here), but he is putting together a great team. The question for him has always been how he would do in fundraising. Under the theory of, if your numbers are bad, get them out early, he has put his numbers out before the buzzer. At a Washington fundraiser yesterday, he said:

He said the first quarterly report for his presidential exploratory committee will show he has raised about $500,000, which he said was his goal.

Now that’s lame. National Journal put their fundraising projections much higher at $5m +/- $3m.

 6.     Mike Huckabee
Former Arkansas governor Last Ranking: 7
Mike Huckabee He says that only money folks and activists are focused on the ’08 race now. Polls show that surprisingly large numbers of voters are, too. The most interesting thing about Huckabee? He’s the Republican who Democrats assume will get traction. Our warning: Never trust a smart Republican to handicap Dem presidential politics, and never trust a smart Democrat to handicap the GOP side.
Fundraising projection: $5 million, +/- $3 million.
Fundraising ranking: 7. Almanac Profile

That’s not hitting expectations. It will be interesting to see how other 2nd tier candidates do.