More lies from Romneybots

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I would assume that a moving picture is worth even more. But that does not stop "My Man Mitt" Jason Bonham from dishonestly misquoting one of the YouTubes that I took of John McCain this weekend in New Hampshire.

First, the YouTube under discussion:

McCain clearly says:

I’d also like to point out that the courts have said that money is not free speech. Money is property

So how does Jason quote McCain:

Money is not free speech. Money is property.

Just dishonest. Shameful. And this is not the first time. This is the way the Romney campaign — which MyManMitt (and Evangelicals for Mitt, also liars) is a talking mouth for — behaves. They lied about Sam Brownback. They misquoted McCain on abortion with YouTube. They lie about Rudy Giuliani’s position on gay marriage. They lied to Redstate about an impending staff shakeup (when Julie "In"-Teers went from National Field Director to "assistant finance director for affinity groups"). Romney’s campaign lied about their own position on stem-cell research.

Furthermore, they are throwing stones from glass houses. As NRO’s Rames Ponnuru has noted:

Romney, it turns out, has—surprise, surprise—been on both sides of campaign-finance reform. In his 1994 race, Romney came out for banning political action committees, limiting spending on federal races (something the Supreme Court has not allowed), and opposed allowing larger contributions. All told, those positions place him to the left of McCain-Feingold,

Mitt Romney surrounds himself with people like this. They should be fired and denounced.