I noted earlier that Mitt Romney’s team took down video of Romney quoting Castro. One of the local news stations has the clip and used it to contrast with John McCain’s more successful visit:


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eyeon08.com » A view from the Straight Talk Express · March 26, 2007 at 6:45 AM

[…] Last week, after a ride on the bus, The Politico’s Jonathan Martin wrote that McCain might get in trouble with the level of access that he grants. I think that it may be the opposite. McCain spent 10 hours on the record on Saturday. The "gaffes" that Jonathan mentions from the week before were all made in public forums, not on the bus. I have trouble imagining more scripted candidates like Mitt Romney — whose control of the press was described by one conservative reporter as the "velvet rope" — spending over half their waking hours on the record. (consider Romney’s gaffes in the last week, from misquoting Castro to exploding at a conservative activist who asked him questions) In fact, the time on the bus might give McCain more of a chance to fix the inevitable mistakes. […]

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