Marc Ambinder writes a little about a Romney "reshuffle", but I think he dances around the point. Julie Teer got demoted:

The current national field director is Julie Teer, who joined Romney’s campaign when it was a sparsely funded political action committee. Teer will become deputy finance director for affinity groups.

The Romney campaign denies that this is a shakeup, but something is wrong…. Sounds like the rumors about a shakeup might have been true. However, I expected it somewhere else in the political shop.

Update: Did Mindy Finn and Stephen Smith lie to Erick Erickson about this?


1 Comment » More lies from Romneybots · March 27, 2007 at 4:04 PM

[…] Just dishonest. Shameful. And this is not the first time. This is the way the Romney campaign — which MyManMitt (and Evangelicals for Mitt, also liars) is a talking mouth for — behaves. They lied about Sam Brownback. They misquoted McCain on abortion with YouTube. They lie about Rudy Giuliani’s position on gay marriage. They lied to Redstate about an impending staff shakeup (when Julie "In"-Teers went from National Field Director to "assistant finance director for affinity groups"). Romney’s campaign lied about their own position on stem-cell research. […]

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