Well, yesterday Rudy Giuliani acted to ease people’s fears. He is really in. I had my suspicions otherwise, but no more. I have friends being offered jobs in New York City (and friends who have already left) and others who are taking jobs in Iowa, South Carolina, and other states.

And now, as if the guns had been loaded, people have started to fire on him.

At first, the social conservative groups, conservative movement establishment, and religious community will fire at him.

But the real question is, when does Mitt Romney go after him? You see, Romney’s whole schtick is that he’s the anti-McCain. But Rudy could also be an anti-McCain. And Rudy is totally electable. And Rudy has executive experience — indeed, as Hotline notes, New York City is larger than Massachusetts. And since pundits are starting to say things like, Chuck Todd’s (see the YouTube after the jump) comments about Romney:  "I’m starting to wonder if he can hold up" or "Maybe it’s too soon to say he’s crumbling. He’s not crumbling." Rudy’s sun could eclipse Romney’s.

On the other hand, Romney has already made the mistake of going negative against Sam Brownback (not to mention a "gadfly"). Attacking a hero like Rudy will be tough for people who aren’t interest groups.

This will be interesting to watch.


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