Explaining Brownback on the war

There has been some debate over Sam Brownback’s position on the Iraq war.

First, of all, the visuals were pretty good. By announcing his position from Iraq, he got a certain kind of credibility. A sort of, "I’m here, I can see what’s going on, and I think it’s a lousy idea."

Second, there’s some political logic to it. Brownback may be trying to lock down his constituency. As TNR’s The Plank noted:

More interestingly, the move turns out to be pretty welcome among Brownback’s desired base of social conservatives. While 52 percent of Republicans support the surge according to a just-released AP/Ipsos poll, some 60 percent of white evangelicals oppose it, as do 56 percent of self-described conservatives.

I’m willing to bet that Iowa caucus-going conservatives are even more anti-war than that.

And with MoveOn’s ads attacking McCain next week in Iowa, it will be interesting to see where Romney goes. More squeeze on him as I have discussed before, and John Mercurio echoed yesterday.