Jim Gilmore, former RNC Chair and Governor of Virginia attacked Romney, according to the NYT:

Mr. Gilmore said he had always been what he described as an unvarying Ronald Reagan conservative. In what appeared to be an attempt to distinguish himself from other candidates, particularly Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, he said: “I didn’t run some place and pretend I was a liberal and run someplace else as a conservative. I just didn’t do that.”


RichardR · December 20, 2006 at 10:40 AM

Jeez. When I heard this news while driving into work I almost ran off he road. Jim Gilmores legacy was being elected as Virginias Govenor with a smoke-and-mirrors campaign to eliminate the car tax, and anyone who thinks what went well considering promises versus results also believes the Iraq war was a great cakewalk idea and has made us all safer. I want whatever Gilmore and anyone who thinks hes presidential material is smoking. Not that the bar can be lower considering the current occupant of the Oval… Holy Moly! Gilmore could not get elected for dogcatcher in his home state. He makes George Allen look good– which also could send me off the road. Regarding this GOP gene pool for 2008, in the words of Doug Wilder if this is the cream of the crop, God help the milk! Beam me somewhere, please!

eyeon08.com » The Fight for the Right · January 7, 2007 at 12:05 AM

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