The AP had several stories on the wire relevant to this.

First, Glen Johnson wrote "Romney’s Record on Gay Rights Questioned." (and yes, it did get in Iowa papers here) This one is significant because it makes it clear that religious and evangelical leaders are weighing in. Weyrich gets harsher:

"I am concerned and I do think he needs to explain this," said Paul Weyrich, chief executive officer of the Free Congress Foundation. "Because he either is or isn’t in favor of the homosexual agenda and we need to know before we would get involved in his candidacy."

Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention says:

Land said Tuesday, "Christians believe in conversion, and so they’re open to listen, but when a candidate 12 years ago says he is more of a champion on these issues than Ted Kennedy, that needs to be explained."

Focus on the Family said:

"You’ve got to be committed to your position for it or against it or you’ll be swayed, so he’s got a lot of explaining to do," Minnery said of the governor

Weyrich lays partial blame at Romney’s feet for Massachusett’s gay marriage:

Weyrich said other conservatives had complained that Romney did not do enough this year to force the Massachusetts legislature into voting on a proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Romney ducked a reporter’s question on the issue in an ungracious way:

At a gathering of San Diego County Republicans on Monday night, Romney brushed aside a question from The Associated Press. "Thanks, I have other people to talk to right now," he said.

One candidate who is benefiting from this is Sam Brownback, who was asked about this in Iowa, according to an AP story by Mike Glover:

Brownback, in the midst of another visit to Iowa, was asked about criticism that Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was getting from conservatives over his writings years ago that suggested he backed gay rights.

While there is room in the party for such candidates, they will face a tough sell with conservatives focused on social and religious issues, said Brownback, who hopes to base his bid for the GOP nomination on such voters.

Oh. And Redstate is going after him on flip-flopping on minimum wage, where Leon Wolf says, "I think we are beginning to see a pattern here."