Wow. This is not to be believed. I really should have better things to do than write about Mitt Romney so much, but such amusing stuff comes out of his mouth.

At the RGA meeting, after Ken Mehlman gave a great little speech that included things like:

Mehlman acknowledged voter anger about the Iraq war and a spate of GOP corruption scandals, but he pointed to a broader culprit: the erosion of the core conservative principles of small government and personal responsibility. As Republicans built up their Washington power base, he noted, the center of gravity shifted away from the statehouses that had been the traditional laboratories for policy ideas. The result was a vacuum that delivered little of interest to voters, while devaluing the national Republican brand.

WaPo reports Romney’s response like this:

Romney, who is also being succeeded by a Democrat, bristled at the suggestion that the GOP had run off course. "Where we get in trouble is where we say one thing and do something else," he said.

This from the guy who campaigned as a moderate, did a little governing as a moderate, realized that he wanted to run for President and veered to the right. Now he’s a conservative and says "trust me"? That’s sure where Romney got in trouble and why he has the 3rd lowest approval rating of any governor in the country. (he’s ahead of Bob Taft — plead guilty to ethics violations — and Frank Murkowski — defeated in a GOP primary for re-election and behind Ernie Fletcher — who has been indicted!)

Who is this guy?


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[…] But is Mitt’s defense that he said that he was a moderate but governed like a conservative? That doesn’t seem like a winner for a guy who decided that the GOP’s problem in 2006 was "[w]here we get in trouble is where we say one thing and do something else." […]

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