The Boston Globe has been on the rampage against Mitt Romney. Recently they have attacked him (somewhat unfairly) over his closeness with the Mormon church.

Today they attack his record on the Big Dig and his management skills in general:

It’s amazing. Romney is running for president, using his response to the Big Dig crisis to showcase his management skills. Yet, part of his administration’s response was to give Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff a new $8 million contract extension. There are also questions about whether his administration told bondholders the truth when Romney officials said they were conducting ongoing safety examinations of Big Dig tunnels.

There are two significant issues here. First, the investigation may damage his 2008 chances. After all, who wants to vote for a candidate for President who is under federal investigation? Second, the Boston Globe is going to try to continue this level of attack and research. It is good business! After all, national scrutiny on Romney will drive attention to his scrutinizers-in-chief.

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