I haven’t posted much. I’m traveling the country, helping out various candidates.

Right now, it is fair to say that the Democrats are expanding the field almost everywhere, and resources — money, volunteers, etc — are getting scarce on the GOP. So I was not pleased to see this from The Fix:

The RGA — through its independent expenditure arm — is spending nearly $900,000 on ads touting Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey (R) — ads that indirectly seek to shore up Romney’s legacy in the state.

This race is lost. Use this stuff where it will matter, not to play CYA. Want more evidence? The Fix also tells us:

… the RGA recently registered a political action committee in the Granite State with the intent of backing candidates on the “state and local level,” according to the filing with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

If the RGA spends money in New Hampshire it would be even more evidence of Romney looking out for his 2008 interests. The latest independent poll in the race showed Gov. John Lynch (D) with a 69 percent to 16 percent edge over Republican Jim Coburn.

As one of the leaders of our party, Mitt Romney has a job. Elect more governors. Not use the RGA’s money to elect state legislators in NH or waste it in lost races. How about helping Mark Green in WI or Topinka in IL? How about Pawlenty — a probable McCain supporter — in MN or Saxton in OR? Zillions for lost causes demonstrates that Romney is more interested in 2008 than being the leader of our party and fighting for it.


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